Margin Watch

A BotManager Add-On


The main goal of this Add-On is to minimize the chance of getting liquidated. It is not a 100% guarantee, it can only help you in some situations and you might sleep a little bit better :)

Currently supported Exchanges:

  • Binance Futures

  • FTX Futures

This Add-On will communicate the important things (cancel safeties, close positions) directly with the exchange API. The 3Commas API is also used to synchronize changes with the corresponding deals, but this is done with a lower priority in the background. In the event of an API failure, there are queues and retry mechanisms in place to make it as reliable as possible.


Panel: Margin Watch

  • Start Bots if Margin Ratio > X (3C API)

  • Whitelist (see below) to start specific Bots only (3C API)

  • Stop Bots if Margin Ratio < X (3C API)

  • Cancel Safety Orders if Margin Ratio > X (Exchange API first, 3C API with lower priority)

  • Close Positions if Margin Ratio > X (Exchange API first, 3C Api with lower priority)

  • Simulation mode (highly recommended for testing first!)


Here are some examples for the whitelist feature which is used by the option “Start SPECIFIC bots”. There are currently 2 fields to choose from: “Pair” and “Bot Name”. You can combine your expressions using AND / OR or create groups. Several operators are available, see below…

Panel: Account Information

There is a new column "Margin Ratio" available, which gives you a simple overview of all your accounts.

Panel: Current Ratio

Displays ratio of a specific account or automatically of the account with highest ratio

Status Notifications

You can configure this Add-On in such a way that it sends automatic status messages at a certain interval. This way, you don't have to manually check your BotManager instance to see if the Add-On is up and running.

You have to integrate your Discord or Telegram first.

To enable the Notification, click Notification Settings in the Margin Watch Menu.

Turn on the Status Notification and choose a desired interval in which you would like to receive the notification. The minimum value is 1 Minute and max is 1 Day (1440 Minutes).

If you click the Test Button, you should immediately see the message on your Discord channel:


If you want to use subaccounts on FTX you also need to provide the name you used on the website and tell the bot manager

This additional information is not required for Binance subaccounts


  • A direct Exchange connection to your Account

    • Binance Futures (read + futures permission needed)

    • FTX (Trading permission)

How do I get it?

  • Click on Add-Ons

  • Click on the Login Button and Sign up

  • Tell me your Email Address on telegram or discord and I will activate the subscription for you to test.

Something else I should know?

Yes! Be careful what you do and always check your settings before turning them on.

Also Binance Hedge Mode and Isolated Margin are not supported. Margin Watch will only close cross margin positions, isolated positions will be skipped.

Make sure that the time on your computer is always synchronized with a time server. To achieve this, it is recommended to install an appropriate tool. See here.

Please note that the margin ratio of Binance and FTX is not 100% the same as the platforms simply calculate differently. The ratio scales from 0-100, but you will most likely need to use different limits. Therefore, it makes little sense to use Binance and FTX at the same time. It is possible, but only with the same limit values.

At FTX, due to the 20x leverage limit, you won’t have any free margin available to close positions, around 13x leverage (which is Margin Watch Ratio 40%). BotManager won't be able to help you anymore in this situation.

Trading, and particularly leverage trading, is inherently HIGH RISK and you CAN lose your whole account. If you incur losses, it is YOUR responsibility, the BotManager team will not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss you suffer as a result of using BotManager / Margin Watch. There are configuration settings to limit losses and manage risk and it is your responsibility to use them to align with your trading risk management plan.


40$ / month or 400$ / year

See here for pricing and payment details.

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