General Features


This application consists of many so-called panels. These panels can be arranged however you like. You can drag panels, move them to another screen, place them side-by-side, resize them, dock them to required containers, pin panels to make them constantly visible or auto-hide, etc.

Design it the way you need it

To move them, simply drag the Panel Header and place them where you want. If you place them on top of each other, then tabs will appear. Thanks to this feature, you can also display content on multiple screens.

Multiple Layouts (Workspaces)

Save and Load your Layout(s)

Make sure to also save your workspace in a file, otherwise it will be lost on next startup.


A wide range of themes is available. From Dark Mode to Valentine's Day


The Tables have everything that a data table should have:

  • Resize Columns

  • Move Positions

  • Sorting (multiple Columns possible)

But they also have a lot of hidden extra features. I try to show you the most important ones:

Column Visibility

You can show/hide columns by using the Column Chooser.


Drag a column header to the group panel:

or right click the column header and click on "Group By This Column"

  • You can have multiple groups

  • Each group can have its own order

  • You can filter each group (right click on group: Filter Editor)

Column Filtering

You can filter your data in two different ways:

Auto Filter Row

To use the Auto Filter Row, right-click on a column and select "Show Auto Filter Row".

Filter Editor

To use the advanced Filter Editor, right-click on a column header and select "Filter Editor"


You can display different types of summaries (sum, min, max, count, average) under each column. It is also possible to display several. To do this, simply right-click on the free space below the last line and the following context menu will appear.

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