Does BotManager work when my Computer is turned off?

No, it will only work when your Computer is turned on and BotManager is running.

You could also let it run on a cheap VPS from Vultr or Contabo.

Where is everything stored?

BotManager uses MS ClickOnce for Installation and Updates. Program Files of these types of apps are stored in a uniquely named folder in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\

The encrypted API Keys are stored in a uniquely named folder in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\Data\

Everything else (stored layout, user settings, log files) is stored in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BotManager

How can I uninstall BotManager?

You can uninstall it like every other Program on your Windows Machine. Navigate to "Add or remove programs", find BotManager and remove it.

There are some additional files that won't get removed. If you want to delete it, simply delete the folder:


Can I have my own customized BotManager?

In addition to already available add-ons, there is also the option of implementing add-ons specially tailored to your needs for an additional charge. These will only be given to you and only you will be able to use them. If you are interested in that, contact me on discord.

Can I use it on my Mac?

No, this is a Windows Desktop application. However, you can create a virtual machine to use BotManager on the same computer while still using your Mac.

Or simply use a cheap VPS from Vultr or Contabo.

How is the current margin ratio for FTX calculated?

 var maxLeverage = 1 / MaintenanceMarginRequirement
 var leverage = TotalPositionSize / TotalAccountValue
 marginRatio = leverage / maxLeverage * 100

Why is there a connection to Coingecko?

For some functionalities in the program, data is required that we cannot get via the 3commas API. e.g. 24h Trading Volume or MarketCap. These are loaded periodically via Coingecko API.

What happens to my API Keys?

In order for the BotManager to work, you need to give it at least one API key. Since this application is a desktop application that communicates directly with the 3Commas API without any other server in between, the keys always stay on your computer and are never transferred to another location.

I see an error when I try to open the BTC Mini Chart? Why is that?

In this case the problem could be the missing WebView2 Runtime on your computer. You can get it here.

Can I donate and support this Project?

I develop and maintain this tool on my own for free in my spare time. Donations are greatly appreciated and a motivation to keep improving!

If the BotManager helped you or saved you a lot of time and you want to buy me a coffee - then I won't stop you! 😍

You can do that here.

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